Master your body with Masters in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Physical Therapy.

Where Exercise Becomes Medicine.



Apex Human Performance helps leaders and high performers achieve optimal wellness, reduce chronic disease risk, and enhance longevity through a world-class health solution, from exercise to nutrition, and physical therapy to medicine.

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Our Members' Experience

Reduced lower back and musculoskeletal pain. Increased bone density.

Increased insulin sensitivity and improved glucose tolerance.

Decreased average blood pressure, resting heart rate, and risk of CVD.

Decreased triglycerides and "bad" cholesterol while increasing "good" cholesterol.

Increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat mass.

Improved well-being, sleep, mood, focus, productivity and memory.

The apex process

Step 1:


Member Consultation and Interview

What are your goals and how can we help get you there?

Step 2:


State-of-the-Art Health Testing

We perform an H-FIT Assessment to understand where you are.

Step 3:


Decades of education and expertise at work

Our team creates your hyper-personalized program.

Step 4:


An all-inclusive membership model

Weekly fitness training, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy. 

Step 5:


Adjustments based on diagnostics

Quarterly progress reports, accountability, and objectivity. 


Jim Rosener

Partner, Troutman Pepper

"I've been a member of Apex Human Performance for a better part of my 60's, nearly five years. The regimen is highly tailored to my specific needs. As a savvy fitness consumer, I have not yet encountered a more professional and customized approach in NYC or anywhere else."

Todd Levin

Owner, Levin Art Group

"For the past 6 years, I've had thrice-weekly personal training sessions. I'm in better overall physical condition now at 60 than I was when I moved to NYC at 30. My personal physician of 25 years has been impressed by the consistency and quality of my overall health and level of fitness."

Bill Flynn

CEO, Amtrak

"I've been an Apex Human Performance member for 5 years. I signed up initially to tone up and relieve the stress of leading a company as a CEO. I had been using muscle relaxants for back pain. Over time I was able to relieve the back pain and stop using medication. Tremendous results!"

Todd Holzman

CEO/Founder Holzman & Company

"I've had the privilege of being taught by (and teaching with) some of the best professors at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell, and some of the best martial arts masters globally. The team at Apex Performance brings a comparable level of wisdom, expertise, and personal care."

Jason Mezic

Director, Digital Sales Viacom CBS

"I have had the most amazing experience with my training at Apex. The attention to my individual goals and performance along with monthly clinical progress assessments including nutritional guidance has been transformational for my strength, fitness, and overall health. Andrew and his team are truly the best."

Sharon Lo-Flynn

Long-time Client

"I have been a client of Apex for over five years and I value their approach at developing personalized programs. As an avid tennis player, my work with Andrew has greatly improved my game. Besides core work, Andrew has helped improve my serve, flexibility, and stamina. This is key as I am 70 years young!"


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