A healthy sanctuary in the heart of Manhattan.

An oasis on the sixth floor at 226 East 54th Street in Manhattan, near the border of Midtown East and the Upper East Side, Apex Human Performance is a private members-only health club.

In its confines, and beyond, Apex Human Performance is here to give each member back their space, time, and body.

Top Line

Apex Human Performance is designed to improve our members’ health and fitness with a completely frictionless and integrated approach under the guidance of a verifiably qualified and knowledgeable staff they can trust.

Why It Matters

Our members are high performers with high self-standards who want the best. They do not have the time or desire to make intricate tactical decisions about fitness and their health, but they know that they are not willing to accept the generally low bar of the fitness industry. They want professionals they can trust to guide them, injury-free, to the best version of themselves.

Key Takeaways

  1. Our private club is designed to be a place of comfort and tranquility for our members.
  2. We know our members’ time is their most valuable asset; every element of their experience with us revolves around maximizing and protecting it.
  3. Unlike any other health club or gym, members here enjoy an integrated, collaborative, highly qualified team approach to their health and fitness — bringing together the guidance of Doctors of Physical Therapy, Masters in Exercise Science, and Masters in Nutrition.

Your Space

The privacy and peace afforded to our members while visiting our club is just as important as the level of service they receive from us.

Members and guests are always greeted by our concierge team immediately upon arrival. After being handed their valeted athleticwear and toiletries, members make their way to our beautiful, individual washrooms, where they are able to comfortably change and prepare for their visit— whether to exercise alone, train with their personal trainer, or receive physical therapy.

Whether coming or going, our members often make use of the club’s tranquil reception area to catch up on emails, take a quick call, or just pause for a moment to get in the right mindset.

The washrooms’ oversized glass showers with rain-heads, plush bath towels, and Bliss bath products make for a comfortable transition back to the real world.

Your Time

We get it; it’s our members’ “me time.” And our mission is to support that, which is why frictionless is the word that matters most.

Our schedule revolves around our members’ schedules — not the other way around. Whether our members’ appointments are for physical therapy, personal training, nutrition counseling, or health testing, our services are on-demand, on their time, and at their convenience.

Our concierge team’s services extend well beyond our club’s walls — from coordinating related health services, including procuring priority access to the City’s top physicians, to supporting healthy lifestyles, in every way imaginable — even outfitting our members’ home gyms.

And most importantly, we provide fully integrated preventive healthcare from a team of allied professionals expert in exercise physiology, physical therapy, and nutrition.

Your Body

Our members get it.

Where else does one have the highly customized experience of personal training informing nutrition counseling decisions, and vice versa?

Or preventive or reactive physical therapy informing personal training decisions, and vice versa?

Let alone by allied experts who speak the same language and are all on the same team?

Short of being drafted by a professional sports team, the odds of one receiving this treatment are slim to none.

Our multidisciplinary, integrated approach to our members’ bodies saves them the mental bandwidth that health and fitness decision-making consumes so they can allocate it elsewhere: to their passions, careers, and personal lives.

We treat every member no differently than we treat professional athletes, with a unified crew of personal trainers, physical therapists, and nutritionists that support them.

But not just any crew.

All of our personal trainers possess a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Exercise Science.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy conduct private, one-on-one sessions.

And our nutritional approach starts with detailed clinical-level metabolic testing.

In fact, every one of our services starts with data, thorough physiological benchmarking and assessment.

And every data point is fully integrated into a working mosaic to give our members their best bodies, and their bodies at their best.


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