Trust and peace of mind from Masters in Exercise Science.

Our members are leaders who spend their days critically thinking and making decisions.

While they’re with us, our job is removing that burden.

Our members want premium personal training they can trust. And they are savvy enough to know that the exercise industry has the lowest quality standards when it comes to certification.

In fact, nearly every single personal trainer certification requires absolutely no formal education in exercise science, anatomy, or physiology.

Low standards may work, but they don't work for our members — nor do they work for us.

And in direct opposition, we hold ourselves to the highest standard:

Every personal trainer on our staff possesses a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Exercise Science.

Top Line

Knowing they never have to question quality or integrity, Apex Human Performance gives members peace of mind on their fitness journey, with a team of well-educated personal trainers who possess a Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Exercise Science and five years of experience.

Why It Matters

The industry standard for personal trainers is incredibly low. Poor education and instruction doesn’t only lead to poor results, lost time, and a waste of money — but even worse, to injuries. Our members receive high ROI, injury-free, from a team they can trust.

Key Takeaways

  1. A personal trainer certification never guarantees that a personal trainer is qualified.
  2. While most personal trainers only hold a personal training certification, Apex Human Performance personal trainers have Master’s Degrees or Doctorates and are verifiably experts in their field.
  3. Hard data drives every decision we make. From our members’ first visit to every workout, set, and repetition in their annual plans, our members improve, not only because we hold them accountable — but because we hold ourselves accountable to the same data, metrics, and clinical-grade testing we consistently use to calibrate and recalibrate their regimen.

The Fitness Industry: Deceptive & Dangerous

Few consumers know just how little a personal trainer certification means. Even fewer know how grossly uneducated and unqualified even those who hold personal trainer certifications most usually are.

The fitness industry is saturated with personal trainer certifications that allow their holders to claim qualification as a “fitness professional.” However, of the hundreds of personal trainer certifications offered, only a handful are vetted and approved by an accrediting body.

But even of those holding accredited personal trainer certifications, the majority are not adequately educated, trained, or qualified.

In fact, nearly every certification has prerequisites of only CPR training and payment of the course fee. They do not require any education whatsoever in anatomy, physiology, or exercise science.

What’s more is that even an accredited certification course usually requires little more than a few weeks of self-study and a weekend seminar. Not even a Bachelor’s Degree, let alone a Master’s Degree, for an individual now given license to manipulate the musculoskeletal, endocrine, cardiopulmonary, and nervous systems — which, in medicine, for perspective, respectively are Orthopedics; Endocrinology; Cardiology and Pulmonology; and Neurology.

That the industry standard is so low, while being cloaked by apparent validation, is not only deceptive, but dangerous — and likely the reason one of the top industry insurance claims is improper exercise instruction.

Reach Your Apex - Safely & Efficiently

Our personal trainers are Exercise Scientists — or as close to it as one can get. They all have Master’s Degrees or Doctorates in Exercise Science. Some of them have even published peer-reviewed research.

Obtaining a Master’s Degree requires spending a minimum of six years studying, researching, and working in the field. As such, our personal trainers have in-depth backgrounds in Exercise Physiology, Performance Testing, Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, and Nutrition.

Our personal trainers have applied this knowledge in real world, high stakes scenarios, working with top-level athletes, who cannot afford reduced performance or downtime from injury, let alone a career cut short by one. It’s because of this experience that Apex Human Performance is able to provide members with top tier personal training in a way that prioritizes their safety and health, then performance.

This process begins with thorough assessment and testing, which allows us to uniquely understand each member's body, helping them build a strong foundation that will optimize health and performance — and prevent injury for years to come.

While the process of understanding and integrating the intricate relationship between biomechanics and physiology is complex, not only have our personal trainers academically “mastered” this, but they really shine in making it both simple and efficient for our members.

Our team culture is not only built on a foundation of education, but also of continuing education. Our personal trainers stay on the forefront of emerging research in Exercise Science, ensuring our members benefit from the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in the field.

Whether it’s to augment their golf game, eliminate chronic back pain, or bulletproof their body for ski season, the Apex Human Performance team will construct and execute a customized, evidence- and research-based training plan to ensure success.

While it may have a different meaning for each member, our job remains the same: to help each member reach their best self — their Apex.

Led by Science

Accountability is a term that comes up frequently with personal training, however it is nearly always used to indicate a one-way obligation, from client to personal trainer. While our members feel they are held accountable to show up, accountability does not end there; we hold ourselves fully accountable to improving the same metrics borne from our testing process when members first start, as well as each new benchmark along the way.

For us, data is everything. It is the source of our assessments. It is the source of decision making. And it is the source of our accountability to our members.

As trained “Exercise Scientists,” our personal trainers utilize clinical-grade testing methods — and the Scientific Method, testing, retesting, and calibrating. This iterative process is how we prevent members from hitting plateaus while always avoiding injury.

Our members’ journey begins with the most comprehensive, in-depth assessment on the market, our proprietary H-FIT Assessment. By baselining and tracking key biological metrics from movement analysis, metabolic profile, orthopedic evaluation, and cardiopulmonary assessment, we develop a comprehensive understanding of each member’s unique starting point.

Driven by this data, a plan of care is meticulously calculated for each member — every exercise, set, and rep drawn out to the tee. These metrics also allow our personal trainers to track progress efficiently without bias and effectively communicate the purpose of each programming decision.

Each exercise, repetition, and set is carefully planned into an annual program, with progressive phases dedicated to the needs and desires of each member, from fat loss to strength to sport-specific “prehab” or performance.

In an industry plagued by low standards, and the resultant charlatanism, poor results, and injuries, Apex Human Performance sets itself apart by providing members reliable trust and peace of mind.


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